Chelsea Dinsmore Live Your Legend

SE1 EP04: From Loss To Leadership. Chelsea Dinsmore On What It Takes To Live Your Legend

Today on the Success Journeys Podcast I am so happy to be speaking with Chelsea Liebelt Dinsmore who co-created Live Your Legend with her late husband Scott Dinsmore.

Live Your Legend is a movement about Finding & doing work you love and surrounding yourself with the people who make it possible.

The Live Your Legend website and membership program is filled with courses on how to find your life’s purpose and a fabulous supportive community as well as free local meet ups worldwide.

One of the main ways which most people including myself seem to first discover Live Your Legend is through a Ted talk which Scott first gave back in 2012, on how to find work you love.

If you’ve seen this video it is full of such passion and purpose, that the first thing most of us do straight after watching the video, is Google Scott’s name, only to discover the shocking news that this incredible human being who we feel we’ve just met and feel so connected to passed away.

Yes it’s true we Google Live Your Legend and the website confirms it “in September 2015 after being hit by falling rocks while nearing the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro Scott sadly died”.

Even though this is very hard to deal with, there seems to be no better way to drive home Scott’s message of the fragility of life, and how if we plan to do something that matters the only time to do it is now, because tomorrow may never come.

After Scott’s death Scott’s wife Chelsea showed incredible courage and strength by continuing Scott’s work with Live Your Legend and now drives the incredible movement which Scott left behind.

I am therefore humbled and honoured to welcome Chelsea onto the show today.

Find out more about Live Your Legend at their website


Watch Scott Dinsmore’s inspiring Ted Talk “How To Find Work You Love”