KatyDee-33The Success Journeys website features articles and interviews with and about incredible people and finds out about their own success journey, their struggles their pain and what it took to get to where they are today, so that you can learn from them and live your life’s purpose. The Success Journeys offers life lessons and tells incredible stories of freedom, responsibility and personal potential.

Katy founded The Success Journeys website in March 2016. She is a London based Entrepreneur, Screenwriter, Author and creator of inspirational stories.

Katy’s media background ranges over 20 years having created and presented the first ever children’s radio show on UK Broadcaster Spectrum 558am,  Katy draws on her extensive experience in television, radio and film with TCC The Children’s Channel, BBC, Spectrum 558 International Radio and has produced numerous television pitches to UK broadcasters ITV,  Scottish Television and Channel 4. She has also worked on a number of commercial projects with Universal Studio’s merchandising & licensing division

Her transformational stories help people make a difference in their lives. Her stories are all about freedom, responsibility and personal potential

Katy’s recent books Hey Little Missy and The Missing Halo are published through Dunant Press and Diamond Box Media and distributed by Amazon.

She was inspired to write by her mother, who died of cancer shortly after Katy’s 6th birthday. At the age of 15 Katy ran away from home from a controlling father to the prestigious Oxfordshire boarding school Carmel College where she gained a full scholarship.

This gave her the opportunity to seek a better life. There she was inspired to become a screenwriter by among others, former Carmellis such as Roland Joffe, director of the Killing Fields and The Mission.

At the age of 24 Katy had a major operation to remove a large tumour in her stomach. She is a true survivor and this experience made her adamant to live life fully, to contribute to other people’s lives and make a positive difference.

Katy believes that surrounding yourself with people who have a positive and growth oriented mindset helps in the quest to live your purpose.

The charitable organisations that Katy supports include Cancer Research, Mind, The Trevor Project and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent

Live your purpose and you too can make a positive difference to the world. 

With love and sunshine,

Katy xxx

The Success Journeys podcast is produced by Simon Dunant at Diamond Box Media.